Rudie’s Games of 2022

Immortality (2022, Modern Platforms)

I’ve been writing this list for two weeks. I’ve avoided writing about Immortality. Elden Ring is great and bullshit and amazing and too large and you do not need me to tell you to play it. I played that jerk for 155 hours and deleted it to get my life back. Immortality? I want and have tried to shove a copy into the hands ever friend I’ve met. I don’t want them to know anything about it. I didn’t! It was/is on Xbox Game Pass for PC. I could just install it and play it. I didn’t have expectations.

But I have to give you expectations. Here is a video game for full adults. Here is a smart complicated work that is an excellent video game. The first game by this studio was about reviewing interrogation/interview footage of a woman involved in a murder. You just watched the footage and made your own judgements about it silently. Eventually credits ran, and you could decide to try and find more footage or turn it off and let the world continue turning.

Immortality is that idea multiplied. It is a collection of 3 feature length films in various states of finished. You scrub and shift through the footage trying to make judgements to yourself about what you are seeing. Click on a lightbulb, shift to a burning candle in a different movie. Watch more, think more, have your emotions, your opinion of the work change with a new piece of footage.

I will say that 2 of the movies are from the 70s, and one is from the 90s. All 3 star the same woman who disappeared and only appeared in these 3 movies. The game says make your own judgements about what happened. The credits will eventually roll. When the credits show up for me I had seen less than 50% of the footage.

That’s all I want to say about it! I think it is incredible. Go play it please. If you got this far my words mean something to you. Trust me. Oh one more thing. As this game is about a young woman in entertainment all the content warnings about what could happen to a young woman in entertainment apply. Discretion is advised.

Immortality instantly entered my top games ever. The games I want normal people to play. Elden Ring didn’t. Then again, it didn’t need to. Play Immortality. See you back on Xbox Game Pass for PC in 2023.

5/5 First Judgements quickly shattered

– Rudie

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