Rudie’s Top Songs of 2022

I am not a music writer. So excuse me as I say different variations on I Like It. Also check out my very long games of 2022 and my top 10 albums list, which if I mentioned an album there none of the songs are on this list. Youtube Playlist Here Spotify Here

Mike Park “I Couldn’t Wait Out Through The Night”

Mike Park has had a very long career in ska music. What a joy to say he’s made some of his best work in 2022. This is on a split with Catbite who deserve a look as well for releasing two different versions of their first album this year in punk and country flavors.

Joyce Manor “Friends We Met Online”

As pop culture starts to pass How Old I Am I am finally getting songs that like get how I feel MOM. Most of my modern friendships were molded online. Those relationships are sad and terrible and deserve to be misremembered even if I treasure them.

Dang!t – “Is This Ska?”

Criminally unheard ska-semi solo project. Danceable, chantable, and the heart is in the right place. Check their other songs!

Jimmy Eat World – “Something Loud”

Prince covering Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle”

Would you believe this was my first real exposure to Prince’s music? The Jimmy Eat World song is -fine- but I also keep listening to it, so there is something to it. The Prince cover is delightful for how he improvises/improves/Princeifies the song. It was a hushed legend that just got leaked this year.

7th Jet Balloon – “Snow Day”

Spotify randomly popped this out. What a small treat. I had to order their CD to own a copy of the song.

Bad Astronaut – “Wide Awake”

Bad Astronaut was my favorite band in high school when I couldn’t admit I probably liked worse bands better. I listened to their second album on repeat through my young adult hood. I mourned when their drummer died. I sat and nodded at the hurt and broken last and third record was released after that death. Time heals wounds, and eventually old ideas are revisited. A new song to consider.

Los Capitanes – “Big Fish Don’t Cry”

A gift from an Australian friend that took me 2 years into a pandemic to actually rip and listen to. It wasn’t just a 3rd wave ska band, it was a ska band trying with a unique sound. There are also songs about what an ex-girlfriend can do so…yeah. This one is pretty great though.

Steve Monite – “Only You”

A random bandcamp find. A dream like track that was lost until it was found. I can pretend I have varied tastes sometimes.

The Eradicator – “You Can’t Play Me”

A Kids In The Hall cosplaying punk novelty act? I get pumped listening to it, so it’s doing something right.

Millington – “Solo”

This would have been my song of the year given how much I played it, if not for the other Millington single released this year. What I want is sad boy singing about his problems with horns over it. Impeccable lyrics and hooks.

Young Costello – “One Eye Open”

From one of my hometowns of San Antonio, Texas, here is tight well written ska-punk with a message I don’t disagree with.

now for my song of the year that is also not on an album of the year

Millington “Maryanne”

Only thing I like more than sad boys with pop punk hooks and horns is happy boys with pop punk hooks and horns. Won’t stop Can’t stop hearing about a goth girl he saw once.

– Rudie


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  1. […] excuse me as I say different variations on I Like It. Also check out my very long games of 2022 and my top songs list, which if I mention it here is not there and vice versa. Turns out I listened to a lot of ska! […]

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