Rudie’s Games of 2022

Trubberbrook (2019, Modern Platforms)

This was a delightfully beautiful point and click adventure game by The Germans. Just had a great time with it. Lovely clamation artstyle.

No More Heroes 3 (2021, Modern Platforms)

Travis Touchdown, protagonist of 3 previous games, now has the bonafides to call themselves a hero. He’s conquered the odds. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a fuck up who doesn’t know how to relate to others. He talks about a pro wrestling match that inspired him to be better, hoping it brings some small comfort to a grieving friend.

After every stage the game stops to just talk about how cool Takashi Miike movies are. There is this floruish at the kill screen of every fight. It never got old. The fights required just enough strategy.

It is the most successful Grasshopper Manufacture game I’ve played at negating and meeting expectations. You arrive at the end of a stage, the boss already dead, chapter over. It tracks in the mixed media that GM games do.

It is filled with passion for things that the developers love. NMH3 has lots of cool things and people saying Cool Things. It also has drops of humanity and the cool armor cracking to show genuine carrying. That’s Great!

4/5 Lightsabers bought on ebay

Clockwork Aquario (2022, Modern Platforms)

Weststone makers of the infinitely baffling Wonder Boy/Monster World series tried to make an arcade platformer while Street Fighter 2 changed arcades forever. It sat unfinished for almost 30 years. Then a Porteguese Millionaire started funding various vanity projects of the best game. Long may ININ games reign.

You should buy this because it’s there. An ancient unrelease PCB cleaned up and released on modern platforms from a minor company? What a treat. The game is bright and colorful.

Reviews will say you can beat it in 20 minutes. I took me a week of very casual tries to survive to the end on Easy on 9 credits. So either the reviewers were either Gaming Godesses or watching the one longplay and calling it a day. Give it a try, it deserves it.

The Cockpit (19??, Sharp X68000)

You kidding me this owns.

Fortnite (2022, Modern Platforms)

It is with a deep sigh that I must tell you Fortnite is great. The game is really good. I am excited about how it will change week to week. All of my favorite media property heroes are here. Everybody is here and Everybody has a gun. There is a mode without all the building allowing adults with jobs to play it. As a social game it has no progress. I do not lag behind my friends with less responsibilities. If I have 20 minutes I can join them for one game, play, and then go back to my life. I don’t get mad if I die. I cheer when we win. One Stolen-Popular-Dance removed for Peely. I hate looking at him.

4/5 Stolen-Popular-Dances

Before The Finale Here Is A Nice List Of Other Games I Played

  • Myst 5/5 Terrible Sons
  • Contradiction 4/5 I’ll Be Back Laters
  • Umanangi Generations was “smaller than expected.”
  • The Forgotten City 5/5 A Real Loaded Gun(s)
  • Sword And Fairy 6 is incredibly janky, don’t be fooled.
  • Ace Combat 7 is PLANES YAY!
  • Road to Guandong deserved more words about it. It was nice.
  • Blue Fire – hated this.
  • Shining Force 2, CD is Not Good.
  • Blinx The Time Sweeper 5/5 2001 Xbox Platformers
  • Bullet Garden (Steam) is a delightful small STG.
  • Imposter Factory 0/5 nothings
  • Perfect Dark Zero is impossibly 2006, impossibly racist, impossibly bad.
  • Sonic Triple Trouble 16 Bit – a fine Sonic Game.
  • Sonic And The Fallen Stars – The other perfectly fine free Sonic game I got this year.
  • Guardians of The Galaxy – Great Writing, Beautiful, Pleasant AAA experience.
  • Battletoads was literally blasphemous, and unfunny.
  • Neo World Ends With You 3/5 stylish pins
  • 2000 to 1 is fantastic and 90 minutes long with Actual Jokes.
  • The Good Life made me realize I had seasonal depression in a very bad way. It is a very bad game.
  • Vay is without any positive or negative qualities.
  • Death Stranding GOTY2019 Had to stop myself from just playing it for another 70 hours. You know. Stop myself from being happy so I could play a bunch of garbage I didn’t like instead.

okay here is my Game of The Year after this text okay

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