The Games of the Second Half of 2019

The third year I’ve been struck to do this. So let’s do this!

Crystal Crisis (June 18)

After Blade Strangers (which is uh..okay I guess) I should be less baffled that this exists. This trailer also does not inspire a large amount of confidence. Hmmph.

Gleylancer Reprint (June 19)

A Megadrive Shooter that goes for $700 had a reprint that sold out almost immediately. I never saw a copy in Tokyo the week after release. Maybe they’ll do another run, or other stupidly rare games. The Old box art of just the ship is way better though. Update: reprint coming this fall

Samurai Shodown (June 26)

Last year it was Fighting Layer EX. This year it’s Samurai Shodown, another a year another fighter I should buy and probably won’t because I know I will not make time for it.

Umihara Kawase Fresh (July 9)

I played this at Tokyo Game Show and it sure was Umihara Kawase.

Blazing Chrome (July 11)

While I’m not sure what exactly separates this from the other Contra-likes with a retro-throwback-feel, maybe friends will yell at me it is really good until I relent. In the meantime I think Bot Vice and Super Cyborg are good.

Hellsinker (July 20)

This legendary shooter baffles everyone that plays it. I think I have a copy somewhere on some harddrive. Welcome to Steam Hellsinker.

Ninja Warriors Again (July 25)

Wild Guns Reloaded is fantastic. This will be too. Taito is almost alive again!

Wolfenstein: Youngblood (July 26)

Co-Op Shooters!

Metal Wolf Chaos XD (August 6)

I’m excited to pay for a game I played like 13 years ago. Even if any kind of American Jingoism puts a knot in my stomach.

Vasara Collection (August 16)

One of the last illicit games I added to my original Xbox. Now get to give them money for these shooters I still have zero context for. Hurray!

Minoria (August 27)

Another Search Action game by the Momodora team I will take.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan (August 30)

Yeah I love it! More! The Until Dawn team making smaller things is great.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (September 3)

Will we buy this? Probably not! We’re both have FFVIII sitting on our PS3s that we maybe booted up once. That doesn’t mean we don’t love Final Fantasy VIII!

River City Girls (September 5)

DAEMON X MACHINA (September 13)

This one is for Chris.

Megadrive Mini/Genesis Mini (September 19)

The most exciting game thing for me this year is…roms? I don’t understand it myself why I’m ready to fork over money for games I have a dozen ways to play right here as I’m typing it. But I am. And I plan to enjoy it. (maybe you can hack it.)

Overland (September 19)

Maybe a survival death parade I can get behind on my Nintendo Switch.

Untitled Goose Game (September 20)

Everyone loves this bad goose!

Link’s Awakening (September 20)

It’s cute! It’s a remake of a good game and will probably also be good. I will also try to hold off on it.

Contra Rogue Corps (September 24)

This is the Contra Guy given reigns of the franchise again. I got hopes!

Baldur’s Gate and Planescape:Torment (September 24)

I missed out on these games. Well I played about P:T for about 20 minutes once before I ran out of the room screaming. On a controller who knows.

Ys IX – Monstrum NOX (September 26)

Not the most confidence in an Ys I’ve ever had (as he glances at the copy of Ys IV he still hasn’t played after 6 years.)

Code Vein (September 27)

Everyone looks at this and goes Anime Dark Souls. I’m no different. Maybe I will have a brave trusted source say it is a good. Or it will crash and burn and in two months be 1/3rd the price!

Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 4 Plus Summer Memories (September)

I played the demo for the PS4 version. It seemed good but was very serious and dour. I don’t know if I need that heavy tragedy as my entertainment. Coming to the West next year.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep (October 1)

For both Chris and myself Destiny rattles in our head as something to return to.

CROSSNIQ+ (October 4th)

A lovingly y2k aesthetic puzzle sounds chill.

Indivisible (October 8)

If I get to play this big beautiful action RPG this year that would be swell.

Moon (October 10)

Hinge Problems loves Onion Games. I am ready to use my sharpening Japanese skills to play a weird weird game. Luckily for everyone reading this, there is also going to be an excellent localization!

Death Stranding (November 8)

Gonna Buy this at a Target and then stare at it a whole weekend before I go back home and can play it. I’m gonna get drunk on this game. I’m not going to come up until I’m numb on this game.

Shenmue 3 (November 19)

I kickstarted it. They already have my money. I hope to wring some enjoyment out of my poorly-thought-out-dreams-coming-true. (eyes Shenmue HD Collection he hasn’t touched.)

Cyber Troopers Virtual On: Masterpiece 1995-2001 (November 27)

電脳戦機バーチャロン マスターピース 1995〜2001

A collection of the three Virtual On games that matter with Online play. With a big audacious crowdfunded 300 dollar Virtual On stick (I’ll stick with a dual shock.) I can’t wait to play 3 matches and then never again. God bless this beautiful madness.

Shin Sakura Taisen (December 12)

As a resident of Japan and a like a video games I am required to be excited and indulge in a dating sim-robot turn based srpg. If this one is even that! I haven’t been paying attention. (eyes Saturn and Dreamcast versions of various Sakura Taisen games he hasn’t touched.)

ESP Ra.De Psi (December 19)

Another classic shooter to throw my money at. It is one that I played a lot of in college. After playing Guwange recently I am reminded that I really like ESP Ra De.

Panzer Dragoon (Winter??)

I love Panzer Dragoon. I can’t wait to nitpick this port to absolute death. Update: TGS impressions are this is very bad.

Sakura of Rice and Ruin (Winter??)

From the developers of the excellent Astrebreed (a whole game of Nier Automata‘s shooter stages). The novel structure and premise gives me confidence. Action and Farming.

Devil Engine: Ignition (Winter??)

A Remix of Devil Engine on my PS4 with soundtracks by legends and friends. Woah!

Cotton Rebeat (???)

Cotton is a good shooter. It is exciting Beep is going to pour love into it. It is being ported by the Trouble Witches team.

Fight Knight (???)

Played this at Tokyo Game Show two years ago? Looks great for 15 minute bursts then you gotta put it down and sit down for awhile.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (January 23, 2020)

The one time I managed to rangle 3 friends 4 GBAs, a gamecube and a television this game was pretty special. Maybe I will be able to find friends to embark on this again.

Conclusion (not a game)

Even as I worked on this list I saw my lack of enthuasism. But what does that mean? It means I have time to actually play the video games I already own. Which is great! Even if I only get a Megadrive Mini, Shenmue 3, and Death Stranding in the next six months that’s probably enough.

But for it being July I am shocked how many games in this list do not even have a release date. Enjoy Doom Eternal suckers. I’ll be enjoying Shining Force 3 for the Saturn, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Touhou Kobuto V Burst Battle, Dangan Ronpa V3, YsIV, Sakura Taisen 2, Kindaichi Shonen no Jiken Keiji 3, Vay for iOS, Ketsui Deathtiny, Capcom Beat’em Up Collection, The Burger King Xbox 360 games, …..


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