The Games of the Second Half of 2018

I did this two years ago. I meant to do it last year.  I was probably too busy with Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2.  But this year two months late I will make a list.  And after a lot of research starting from July try and tag every video game I am mildly interested in coming out in America and Japan.  Let’s Go!

Majuuou (re-release)

This came out before the start date but it is also a 20 year old Super Famicom game.  This is most recent in a series of releasing Super Famicom games that command extremely high resale prices.  It’s a tough weird platformer that now you can have a real copy for 50 bucks. One word of warning is that at least Columbus Circle’s earlier releases use the wrong voltage and could fry your precious ancient Super Famicom.  The same studio also released a Famicom cartridge of Battle Kid. Wow!

Fighting Layer EX (or Untitled Arika Fighting Game Project) (June 28)

I should already own this but I don’t.  I liked what I played at Tokyo Game Show last year.  This is here so that I don’t forget it exists.  It absolutely should have been called Untitled Arika Fighting Game Project.  The original Fighting Layer’s soundtrack is very good.

Another World (Switch July 9)

Another World was ported to Switch and Dreamcast in 2018.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (July 13)

Sometimes you tweet at Nintendo that they should port Captain Toad to Switch you cowards.  And then they do, and you suddenly feel a responsibility to part with money to have a great time with your mushroom friend solving puzzles in beautiful dioramas but you don’t want toooo. While you’re here I’ll mention Undertale, Hyper Light Drifter, Gone Home, Dragonball Fighters Z, and Dust:Elysian Tale are some of the games being ported to switch and yet Nintendo remains cowards.

Tempest 4000 (July 17)

Hi Jeff Minter of the never released Space Llama.  I didn’t expect to see you here as I was making this list.  Great to see you!  And you brought tempest.  Okay! While we’re here I didn’t even know the Atari VCS was a possible thing.

Neo Geo Mini (July 24 JP, ??? US/UK)

Well…that trailer isn’t the best.  I still haven’t seen one of these in a store yet so I haven’t been tempted by a novelty prop to play games I can play on my PC, Switch, PS4, PSP, DS, etc etc.  And NO CLICKY STICK.  It is cute as heck though.

Game Paradise Cruisin’ Mix (PS4 July 24 US)

Ah jeez even the thumbnail for this game is semi-embarassing.  So I hid it for you.  The game is a very hard, creative shooter that is to be played alone with zero chance of potentially having to explain it to another human being.

La Mulana 2 (July 30)

A surprise that it’s finally out.  Everyone saying it is definitely La Mulana 2 which is good enough for me! I’ve enjoyed the 40 minutes I played and when I get in a mood I look forward to the sixty hours of playing it.

Chasm (July 30)

The Retronauts interview with the creator shows them to be just thoughtful enough that this is probably a real good time.

Icononclasts (Switch August 2)

I should have bought this when it came out on the PS4.  I still haven’t.  Their previous game Noitu 2 Love is beyond excellent.  Everyone says this is excellent.  I heard one of the developer’s favorite games is Monster World 4.  Then I heard an interview where they explained they had only ever played the first hour.  The first hour of Monster World 4 is excellent.  It does not remain that good for the whole length, which colors my opinion of it.  But someone living off only playing the first hour and declaring it their favorite is an incredible something.

Warioware Gold (August 3 US)

Okay the voice acting is iffy.  Warioware is great though.  You don’t need me to tell you that.  The free demo made me think this was very good.  Go try it!

Dead Cells (August 7 US)

I’ve been half-hearing how great this game is for a year.  And now it is a capital G Game.  It looks great.  I will throw it in the pile with Iconoclasts and Celeste as games I should probably go ahead and play, but I’m not going to buy them until I am going to play them that very day.

Minit (August 9)

Inspired by Link’s Awakening.  It looks cute.  It’s on the list!

Wailing Heights (August 14 PS4)

This came up in making my list.  I had never heard of it.  It looks great!

Penguin Wars (August 15)

That looks like a good time to me if I was in a room with friends and switch.

State of Mind (August 15)

I don’t know anything about this game but it looks fucking cool.

Shenmue I and II (August 21 US, November 22 JP)

I already got it on my shelf. I am going to play both games straight through once the bugs are more worked out.  These games are very specifically made for me though.  The voice acting in both languages is terrible.  The story isn’t great.  But the sense of place is unmatched even 18 years later.

Blade Strangers (August 28)

A fighting game that has come out of nowhere and made everyone make a collective “What.”  It probably isn’t good, but lord do I want it because a fighter with Umihara Kawase, Shovel Knight, and Cave Story characters.  What.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 (August 28 US)

Another Yakuza game this year! Excellent.  All my friends seem to really be enjoying this one.  It sounds like they even fixed the Shogi part.  If you haven’t played a Yakuza game go get Zero.  Then the (eh) Kiwami.  Then you’ll be ready to have a real good time with this one.

The Messenger (August 30)

This is definitely lower on my 2D Platformers list, but it’s still there.

Touhou Azure Reflections (August 30)

Two years ago I was suprised that there was a Touhou game on a home console.  Now there are so many I can’t and don’t want to keep track of them.  Keep doing you Touhou games. see also: Gensou Wanderer Reloaded

Sega Ages Switch (September???)

Are you ready to buy Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, and Thunderforce IV again?  Done up by M2.  If not for all the other games I would be excited.  Sonic 1 is good.  Phantasy Star is surprisingly playable for a 1988 JRPG (more so than PS2.)  Thunderforce IV is an excellent hori shooter.

Psyvariar Delta (August 30 JP September US)

One of those shooter series I just have never been in the right time to actually play.  And now I guess I am since it is in my backpack right now.  Hear my thoughts on a future cast.

Dragon Quest XI (September 4 US)

This game has been out for almost a year here in Japan.  I watched several live-streams around release and every time someone just ran back and forth between the casino and an inn trying to manipulate luck, or was messing with the alchemy pot for 30 minutes.  This scared me off the game.  Then everyone’s excitement happened.  Luckily everytime I consider buying this I remember I can’t stand this series anymore and a Japanese copy remains 30 dollars.

428: Shibuya Scramble (September 4 US)

I played the predecessor to this, Machi, about 10 years ago before my Japanese was even passable.  I would never have believed this would get a US release.  It was a PS3 game originally.  It looks great and hilarious!

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy (September 7 US)

I’m not including a trailer for this one because it is embarrassing.  Gal Fighters for the Neo Geo Pocket Color is fantastic.  This game feels like twisting characters I care about into only cheesecake. Look they are embarrassed, doesn’t that make you feel moe and horny?  Not really SNK.  I liked the characters for their character, not because you made them wear a cow bikini and now they are hazukashii about it.

Steins;Gate Elite (September 20 JP, March 31 2019 US)

My life has become an idiot parody of itself because of this game.  Here’s the straight dope: the game is too full of anime garbage (and transphobia) to put up with the good time travel story.  Steins;Gate Zero requires that you play Steins;Gate, but to my surprise S;G0 was one of the best pieces of media last year in a year filled with good media.  So now on September 20th I’m going to Akiba and picking up my copy of S;GE and I am going to play and will review it.  Plenty of time for you to be hyped or warned.

The World Ends With You Final Remix (October 12 US, September 27 JP)

Both Chris and I think this is one of the best games for the original DS.  It is also incredibly thoughtfully uses the DS.  So here it is on the switch and maybe it will finally find its audience!

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise (October 2 US)

I would have already played this in Japanese but I have a lot of other games to play.  It looks incredible.  It’s got the Yakuza voice cast (uh..not in this trailer) playing the roles of all the FotN people.  This looks like the best way to finally figure out what FotN is about.

Dark Souls Remastered (Switch October 19)

Dark Souls! On the Switch! With that Solaire Amiibo that will be impossible to get.

Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 4 Plus: Summer Memories (Oct 25 JP)

Originally supposed to be released March 10th, 2011.  Then the Tohoku Earthquakes happened.  They respectfully cancelled it.  Now it is going to be released in two months, and we just had incredible flooding and typhoons this summer.  Irem and Grandella has the best luck.  From the PSN demo it looks to be a very dour and serious look at the aftermath of an earthquake.  Which maybe I can’t take in 2018.  But I feel like I gotta buy it.  Grandella’s last game Kyoei Toshi is an absolute blast.

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection (November 13)

Outside of it being an extensive collection of pre-NeoGeo titles it is being overseen by Frank Cifaldi of Lost Levels with help from Brandon Sheffield of insert credit.  I fully trust those two to do a great job making this collection worth it.  The Limited Edition looks real nice.

Ketsui Deathtiny (November 29)

Can’t find a trailer for this.  Here’s the link.  What shmups forums calls one of the best shooters is getting the M2 treatment and that’s good with me.


During the launch of Smash Bros Wii a friend wouldn’t stop yelling Dairantou.  The Shops here abbreviate it as Sumabura.  So get excited for your new Gundam name Dairantou Sumabura.

Onimusha (December 20 JP, Jan 15 2019 US)

I love Onimusha 1.  It is an almost perfect 5 hour game.  It is beautiful.  I have been calling for years for an HD version.  Well I got my wish with…a different soundtrack.  Gotta start making these genie wishes count.

Killer 7 (PC ???)

Killer7 is one of the coolest games.  I bought it on release 10+ years ago for the price to drop like a rock when no one liked it.  People will probably like it a lot more in 2018.  I still like it a whole lot.

2019 and Beyond: Kingdom Hearts 3, Darius Switch Collection, Devil May Cry V


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