The Games of The Second Half of 2016


There are more than a few games still coming in 2016, and there are a pile that came out in the last two months where I have been busy.  It took me a few days, but I remembered I had my own video game website to write up what they were for my benefit for your benefit.  Some of these I’ve already bought.  Some of these I’ve already bought and played.  Some of these I might never get around too.  I’m saying there are too many great games coming in.

Furi (July 5)

I got this as Playstation Plus. It is too late for that.  It is not too late to spend money on it.  11 very good boss battles with Killer7 levels of style.

Assault Suit Leynos (July 12 (physical August 30)

Shocked this is getting a physical version. It will sit on my shelf for at least two weeks before I have to turn around and sell it. A sequel to a series that hasn’t really had an entry since the Sega Saturn. Done by a studio that did the excellent Valken-like Gunhound EX. Now they are making an official game in the series. There were multiple demos on JP PSN and they felt perfect. I love the look of the highest gloss amateurism.

Videoball (July 12)

I have tell you my friend made this game.  He slaved over it for a long time with his small team.  Then it came out on PS4 and the online did not work at all.  Now it does!  I spend at least a little time hoping to be able to play a game every night.  This is because the game is very good.  I really do like playing it.  I want to play it with you.  I want there to be enough people playing it on PS4 that it is easy to find a game.  The benefit I get out of you buying it is I get to play it with you.  Real Conspiracy There.

7th Dragon III Code:VFD (July 12)

I know nothing about this game.  That trailer song is pretty fun though.  It is from a JRPG series I’ve just missed the previous entries of.  If I magically find 30 hours in my life, maybe this will slip in.

A.W. Phoenix Festa (July 12)

Whatever the hell this is.

Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana (JP Release July 21)

Depending on when this gets a Western release I might end up playing enough of the Japanese release.  It is supposedly 40-60 hours long.  Which is way too long.  The other recent Ys games are bloated in a way that burning through them is a real bad idea. They are artifically lengthened to a point that you are supposed to savor them (and not sell them back.)  What I’ve seen looks great.

Hyper Light Drifter (July 26)

This game is a fireball.

Gotta Protectors (July 28)

A game by Yuzo Koshiro’s studio Ancient. Doing Tower Defense right. I love this.

Shiren The Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate (released July)

I have always wanted to spend a lot of time with a Shiren.  They are college meal plans of games.  Come back every day for some more.

Etrian Odyssey V (JP Release August 4)

I got the Famitsu with this on the cover, and it sure does look like more Etrian Odyssey!

Caladrius Blaze (August 9)

I’m not the biggest fan of Caladrius.  I’ve gotten to play it on my PS3 and in the arcade.  I also feel bound to support on release every profile western shooter release.  I haven’t bought this yet thankfully, because there are just too many damn games out!

Style Savvy Fashion Forward (August 12)

LA Noire’s face reading has nothing on two lines of text trying to psycho-analyze what is the perfect outfit for this college student.

King of Fighters XIV (August 23)

It came out yesterday. Friends screencaps on twitter have me more excited than I expected to be. I’ve got the big cereal box edition. Hopefully I will make time to play it.

Obduction (August 24)

Right after I posted this I found out the crowd funded Myst-like by the guys that made Myst is out.

Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet (September 6)

This is like 10 levels deep into fucking-nerd but I am a casual Touhou fan. I’ve been playing the games off and on for 13 years. I have looked on Touhou fandom wide-eyed the whole time. Now there is going to be a Touhou-fan game based off Senko No Ronde (Another shooter game that inexplicably got a western release under a bad name) getting a PS4 physical release. Somewhere between Overwatch, EDF4.1, Videoball, and KoFXIV I’ve got to fit in a couple of games of this.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice (September 8)

Okay now we are finally getting into game that are not out yet.  It has been long enough since AA5 that I have forgotten all the things I couldn’t stand about it.  So it is time to slog through another one hopefully with a better mix of enjoying it.  Plus I got an intercontinental flight coming up.

Pacman Championship Edition 2 (September 12)

That trailer leads me no closer to figuring out how the hell the game plays.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past (Sept 16th)

Something about playing Dragon Quest VII again calls to me. I did play it once of the course of 2 years. Now it will just be on my 3DS when I feel like it. I don’t like that I keep thinking about playing it. I will hopefully be too distracted.

Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse (September 20)

I’ve been critical on the podcast multiple times of SMTIV.  I also did play the damn thing for 80 hours.  So it did something right.  Maybe that was just being a low polygon Tokyo.  Either way I will try it again while I’m traveling around.

Steins;Gate Zero (September 27)

I don’t know at this point if my Steins;Gate fandom is genuine or not.  It is funny (to me only) to be over enthusiastic about Steins;Gate.  I could give actual criticism of it, but no one cares.  So the west is getting the meta-sequel and I guess I will play through it.  I do not love the intellectual property enough to stumble though a gaiden-story collection on Playstation Plus in the original Japanese.  I hear this game is entirely a downer!

River City: Tokyo Rumble (Sept 24)

Well this came out of anywhere, but I’m much more likely to play some sort of Kunio-kun belt-scroller than the great looking sports package that honestly came out for too much money.

Atari Flashback Classics Volume 1 and 2 (Oct 4)

I love rooting around in a premade collection of games for some good stuff.  These collections always feel like the rare place trophies work.

Dragon Quest Builders (Oct 11)

This is for your benefit reader.  This game has been out in Japan for a while and is 20 bucks and going down.  I will get it as an unwinding game.

Rez Infinite (October 13)

I have always wanted to like Rez more than I do.  Maybe this third purchase will be the time that it does.

Battlefield 1 (Oct 18)

EA always tries to play Battlefield as pretty serious, but my friends are pretty excited at the chance to run a horse over with a tank or run a player over with a horse.

The Last Guardian (Oct 25)

After many years we will finally find out how the cat-bird dies and how super sad we will be about it.

Titanfall 2 (Oct 28)

People are upset this isn’t like Titanfall 1.  I didn’t get to play that, but I am really enjoying the beta-alpha-testfire.

Final Fantasy XV (Nov 29)

I am ready for janky Monster Hunter-Outrun with my Anime Boy Band.

Gravity Rush 2 (Dec 2)

I’m not even watching that trailer. Maybe it is secretly something else.  I loved Gravity Rush 1.  I am ready for more Gravity Rush in HD on my TV.

The Silver Case (???)

Yeah I’ll play Grasshopper’s old as hell adventure game.

Dangun Feveron (???)

God bless M2 and them porting an ancient forgotten Cave Shooter to the PS4 of all things.

Thumper (???)

I am ready for this violent action.

Let It Die (???)

Plenty of Grasshoper’s games being mediocre should have soured me at this point, but whatever this looks like so far looks like something I will play.


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