Chris’s 2012 Albums List: Yeah I Listen To Music Sometimes

Best Use of Vocals As Another Instrument To The Point Where It Might As Well Be An Instrumental Album

years past matter

Years Past Matter by Krallice

Yes Krallice is an American black metal band, which already means some trve kvlt fuck won’t care about them, but oh well.  This album is just some of the best atmospheric black metal I have heard in a long time, and adding to the atmosphere is that I couldn’t tell you at all what the lead singer is singing, as he just sounds like another instrument in the mix.  I listened to this album repeatedly on BandCamp one day to the point where I felt I just had to give them money, so I did, and at the end of the year, still worth it.

Best Fucking Steampunk Concept Album By A Bunch Of Old Canadian Nerds

clockwork angels

Clockwork Angels by Rush

Look, I get it, you think Rush sucks and that is fine.  Nothing here is probably going to change your mind, and you can keep making fun of Rush fans forever.  As the guys in the band have shown, and most of their fans have shown, nobody cares.  That being said, for an album that sounded like it could be nothing short of a total mess (a late period Rush concept album about a fucking steampunk universe with a tie-in book by the drummer?!?!), this album turned out amazing.  Honestly, it’s the best full Rush album in years, and a great expression of the band as a whole.  A solid album that honestly ranks up there with some of their best.

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