5 thoughts on “Start 2013 With Episode 8

  1. The bottle is located right outside the underwater warp between the Zora’s domain/cave and the lake. So if you manage to dive down to that hole in the process of exploring Zora’s domain you kind of run into it. So its at the bottom of the lake (not the deepest part) because it sank to the bottom of Zora’s domain.

    I don’t think you can dive for the bottle in the lake directly, I think its too deep and you have to use the Zora warp… probably to reinforce the connection between the two. Or at least thats how I did it in 1998

  2. I can get behind Zelda 64 being a case of having to have been there, given it’s an early 3D adventure game as well as the first foray in 3D for the Zelda series. Most of the transitions from 2D to 3D – especially bigger series – were at worst pretty shaky, and at best they had a few very annoying quibbles.

    Gonna have to defend Star Fox 64 though (or Lylatwars as it got rebranded here). Even now it’s one of the best examples of how to bring the shmup genre into the 3D plane (no pun intended (oh god never say that that just highlights the pun (oh god i’m just making it worse (oh god (oh god (oh god)))))).

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