What Is Hinge Problems?

It all started with this:

So what is a Hinge Problem?  Well in that video, it was pushing against what a video game wanted the player to do, for as long as possible.  We had played video games long enough to be disenfranchised with them, to love them again, to think they gotta be better, to think maybe they are the same.

Hinge Problems was then a Video Game Podcast.  We tried many things and formats to talk about video games.  A War Movies Podcast completely unrelated to us ended suddenly in 2021.  This opened up a hole in Rudie’s life.  He decided to fill it with his own war movie podcast.  It remains very rewarding to do.

Now Hinge Problems is a War Movie Podcast.  Where we examine not just the success of one movie each episode, but where it fits in the larger picture of the world we live in.  This includes the time it was made and how it reflects our world of today.  We also make actual and fake jokes.  War is terrible, and yet movies show it.  Interesting Paradox is it not?  fart noise.

It is intellectual and dismissive.  We exist in this world.  We can both laugh, cry, and criticize it.

You do not need to watch the movie to enjoy an episode.

If you have a complaint remember to send $50 American Dollars to hingeproblems at gmail dot com


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