What the Heck Are Hinge Problems?

It all started with this:

OK, maybe it didn’t start there.  Depending on how you define “it”, for both of us,  “it” probably started sooner, but let’s just say it started there.

So what is a Hinge Problem?  Well in that video, it’s the ridiculously lazy design found in Call of Duty: Black Ops, but it could be anything.  As lifelong players of video games, both of us have seen more than our fair share of Hinge Problems in games, in game creators, in game players, in the world at large of games.  And sometimes we like talking about those.

But don’t mistake us for yet another couple of people on the internet talking shit about everything.  We both love games.  We both have played a ton of them, and at times when we aren’t playing them, there’s a pretty decent chance we are thinking about them.

But games aren’t perfect, and probably never will be, and that is OK.  But as long as there are games, there will be Hinge Problems in them, in the world/culture around them, and so on.  And we want to, in some small way, maybe help things improve.

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