10 PS3 Games to buy from PSN before it implodes

While you can also consult our PS3 Sweet 20, we have discovered many of our entries have been delisted at some point in time. Have this list to hold you in this trying time of spending money before a service goes offline forever and you just hack the thing. Come back soon for specific PS2, PS1, PSP and Vita lists.

Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut

While this work has aged badly as time has socially gone on, if you want a video game that is playable Twin Peaks as a nerd talks to you about Back to The Future and GIANT HELL DEER IN THE ROAD OH MY. For as much as it steals from Twin Peaks, it has enough weirdness in itself to hang out with. And as I finally launched this copy wow it stole from Twin Peaks and wow is it weird and wow is it weird about women so warning there!

Everyday Shooter

I had trouble finding out if this game was still extant. It is apparently. You might have to buy it with 2 other games. Where Xbox had Geometry Wars (get Geometry Wars 3 while you are spending money for PS3/Vita), Playstation had this abstract hang out twin-stick shooter with noodly guitar playing. Certainly more chill than Lumines.

Short Peace: Ranko Tsukihime’s Longest Day

Outside of getting 4 great shorts of anime, you also get this cool-loud-oboxious-confident 2D platformer about a girl in a Wedding Dress off to kill her father. It is 2 hours long. Every stage is different. This is Grasshopper at it’s finest. Someone keeps telling me Black Knight Sword is also good but I have trouble believing them.

Drakengard 3

It runs stunningly bad on a PS3 for a late stage PS3 release. it is aggressively juvenile at the beginning. It eventually concludes with the most audacious boss battle ever: a 7 minute no-miss Rhythm game the rest of the game did not prepare you for. It’s not very fun to play. It has over $40 of DLC that is also disappearing. Still it’s pretty cool. I hunt to say expressly positive things about it, but still recommend it.

House of the Dead 3 and 4

These are great ports of the arcade games. They may support the Playstation Move if you have one of those around. You are never going to an arcade again this is your chance. While I’m at it I can throw Daytona USA (this one deserves it’s own entry really), Virtua Fighter 2, Virtua Vipers, and Sonic the Fighters for more Sega arcade goodness. While I got here there’s also Monster World IV, NiGHTS into Dreams, and Jet Set Radio for beautiful console Sega ports. Can I make a list that’s just Sega games disapearing? sure:

Yakuza: Dead Souls

The now lost PS3 US-released Yakuza game that is canon. Zombies have overrun Kamurocho. This featured the first playable Goro Majima back when he was an unknowable agent of chaos instead of a sympathetic character with a tragic past. I haven’t played it in years but I remember the shooting to be serviceable. Which leads to:

Binary Domain

I like this game more than Vanquish (which is on everything now) and Gears of War. A cover shooter with a voice activated buddy system that kind of works sometimes. I love shooting all the bits off the robots.

Mamorukun is Cursed!

Well turns out Under Defeat HD got delisted. So you’re stuck with the loudest icon in the Playstation 3 family of products. It’s bright colorful shooter that is almost Pocky and Rocky at times. It has a load of modes to play around with.

Papa and Yo

It’s an overwrought parable about an alcoholic father. It’s okay for things to be overwrought parables sometimes. I believe this strong art project of a game helped someone, at least the creator(s). It’s not going to be on anyone else’s list I assure you.

Tokyo Jungle

Even as I speak the few strange physical releases of this game are skyrocketing in price. It’s a good strange game where you can be many different animals and eat and kill and procreate to survive. The game play is a little too slight and maybe relies a bit too much on the player knowing Tokyo’s structure.


It’s a fighting game where the only actions are dive and kick. It’s a joke that wraps around to being a good game. I’m not a professional fighting game player but I like it a lot.

Siren Blood Curse/New Translation

Grab that easy handy full package of this. I stand by this as one of the best of generation. Everyone should play it. Appreciate it’s 2008 strangest and just how well it does many many things.

From Dust

A game by the creator of Another World? That is some kind of RTS/god sim? I’ve never sat down and play it but there’s never been a better time to buy it I suppose! Wait it’s on Steam. Nice to be reminded it exists either way.

Super Rub ‘A Dub

The Playstation 2 demo changed into a real game. Time to hang out with some ducks.

Literally Every Metal Gear Game

You want Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, 3, 4? You want Metal Gear Rising the best Platinum Action Game? You want Metal Gear 1 and 2? That’s in Metal Gear Solid 3. You want Ground Zeroes or Phantom Pain that is also available. Pretty neat to have all the Metal Gear just right there.


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