Rudie’s Top 10 Musics of 2020


The First: Millington – Beatdown Generation

Turns out free wordpress doesn’t support bandcamp embeds! Oh well. Millington was the first band to catch me on spotify last year and remind “oh yeah you like this ska thing. You also like this pop-punk thing. So you like this ska pop punk thing.”

I like it a whole lot. I listened to and danced in my apartment to this a lot this year. Writing about music is hard. I’m not a music writer. You can just click that button and decide if you like this or not. We’ll see if I have more words for the other entries. Lord I hope so.

2nd: Mariya Takeuchi – Yume No Tsuzuki

Look i am not paying 30 bucks for a used CD and I don’t even on a VHS Player.

This song came up on a city pop playlist. I listened to it a lot. I got owned to find out this is a known good song by a friend much cooler and hip than me. I also could not find the album or the movie it is from. I would probably love all those 80s Japan and Hawaii. Maybe one day I’ll see it. Until then. There is this song.

Refused – The Malignant Fire

I have no evidence but because of Cyberpunk 2077 I assume Refused have a lot more fans than they did before. That’s cool. This EP is cool!

Keep Flying Discography

Turns out ska~ and hornlines~ can be about emotional stuff and having depression and dealing with loss. This got a lot of play while Destinying at night in the dark on headphones checking on a baby every 10 minutes.

The Moore Family Band – Missy

During one of the Bandcamp Fridays I took a chance on this having heard thirty seconds. I’ve been rewarded with pleasant lovely punk. I wish I could drive or walk or…leave my house to this.

Safari – Safari

Yeah this is chill and rules.

Baltimora – Tarzan Boy

You know this song. You knew this song before you clicked play, even if you didn’t. Then again it didn’t get around as much as you thought it did. I listened to this song at least 200 times.

Ska Against Racism 2020

This album is worth your money because that money goes to a good cause. To be fair there is at least two extremely cringe worthy white liberal lyrics across the 28 songs. Sorry about that. The linked Fire Iron Frenzy song is firing on all cylinders here.

Chibi-Tech – Crema Binaria

I almost forgot this happened such that it happened before the world ended. We featured this on the podcast, that’s how much our meager word is worth. Chibi-Tech deservers all the success including now being linked forever with Outrun. Woah!

Bad Operation – Bad Operation

It’s such a joy to hear something that feels so old, so new, that is a new classic. Here’s the new ska. It came out with just days remaining in 2020. It is going to take me 2021 to unravel my love for it.

Tim Mcllrath and Jon Snodgrass – For Fiona

I got older. I had a kid. I played a lot of Destiny while they sleep at weird times. I listened to a lot things on Spotify. I finally gave the Tony Sly Tribute album it’s proper listen. Tony Sly was the lead singer for No Use For A Name, a punk band I listened a lot to in high school. Tony died in 2012. He left behind two daughters. He wrote this song for one of his daughters.

“You stay young while I get old”

I get older and platitudes become true. Here is two of Tony’s friends singing a now heartbreaking reverse song. It the age of the people that I have lost in my life never leaves my mind. Neither does how my age drifts and approaches their final age.

“I’m always here”

This song will haunt my fatherhood. I won’t look at them without thinking, “I’m always here” Like the song says, “I can’t even think of words to match the way I’m feeling.”

“I’m always here

– Rudie Overton
February 3rd 2021
Yokohama, Japan


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