Moon: Remix RPG Adventure (Switch) Review

Developed by Love-de-Lic
Published by ASCII Entertainment, Onion Games
Released on PS1, Switch

One of the designers of Moon: Remix RPG Adventure, Yoshiro Kimura, said that they were maybe too hard on the player. Then he corrected himself and said they were definitely too hard on the player. I had guides in multiple languages open and it still took me three hours to get past where I was stuck. So I can agree with that statement.

There is also something that happens much later in the game, that is a trope now, but must have been incredible in 1997. The first time you see this trope in video games it is incredible. It is a trick you can only do once. I’d tell you the trick, spoil the joke, spoil the point of the game. I won’t.

The people that toiled on Super Mario RPG and Chrono Trigger took those achievements made their own studio and released an Anti-RPG. You get to see how much death and destruction a JRPG protagonist does. I could be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and go “Wow what commentary!” or I could be cynical and jaded and go “Wow what commentary.” That slime had a family I guess.

This is early examination and criticism of video games. Telling you what happens in the game is almost the same as playing the game itself. If I did that, you’d go “oh that’s kind of clever.” Earlier than you would think, the game opens up and you’re left to wonder the world. It is never quite clear what your greater goal is. Or it’s there, but then it disappears. You’re collecting love from a cast of strange characters and monsters. You are trying to stop a single minded murder machine, the hero of this JRPG. You walk across the world with an insufficient fast-travel system. You can buy and arrange a soundtrack. You can take your time with the game.

You eventually stumble into the very obtuse course of actions I mentioned above. The feeling of butting my head against the wall is the strongest emotion this game gave me. When thinking about other people though, I can see how someone who did not beat this game would think it one of their favorites. Did Toby Fox finish Moon?

The trick at the end is good. But the second you have to open a guide to figure it out the next advance you’re doomed. Adults created this game. They admonish everyone who plays it. This is a common theme in video games. How dare you play the video game that I am. Can’t you see what you are doing? The trick is along these emotional lines. Love-de-Lic was too mean to the player.

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure gets a 9/10


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