Internal Section Doesn’t Work on the PS3

As you would certainly know if you follow his twitter (and seriously, what is wrong with you if you aren’t?), Rudie is currently wandering all over Tokyo, doing his Rudie thing over there.  Yeah, often that means taking lots of pictures of his feet, but also means things like this:

rudies ps1 stack
You know you would probably do this as well.

And can anyone blame him?  100 Yen can apparently get you a lot in the various used game stores of Japan, including several Gundam fighters, a couple of Squaresoft fighters, and something about a Jellyfish.  Oh, and NEORUDE.

None of these seem like regrettable decisions, except maybe the very bottom of that stack, a little game called Internal Section.  The regrettability of this decision has nothing to do with the game itself, but the little known (as near as Rudie could see, absent from the internet almost entirely) fact that Internal Section is one of those sad but thankfully rare PS1 games that don’t work on the PS3.

So now that is on the internet.  We here at the currently-in-America branch of Hinge Problems hope he find some way to play that, because yeah, that looks like some hot stuff.


2 responses to “Internal Section Doesn’t Work on the PS3”

  1. I’m going to pull back the curtain on this one a little bit. He didn’t actually buy NEORUDE, I did. and it wasn’t for just 100 yen either

    1. Way to ruin the dream. Jeeeez.

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