Whoa Hey Now Episode 10

Episode 10 copy

They* said we would never to make it to episode 10.  Honestly, we’re a little surprised that we did, but hey, here we are, so enjoy.  Rudie goes to Japan, and this time we actually get around to talking about it.  Sort of.

You know how it is.

If you feel like checking out some pics of Rudie’s trip, head on over to his personal blog here.

*: Nevermind who they are.


  • Inu – Light Thunder B (Ska and Hell)
  • Puffyshoes – Tokio
  • johpan – Manatsu no Sounds Good (AKB48 remix)
  • johpan – Synchro Tokimeki (AKB48 remix)
  • Halcali – Tandem
  • Quruli – Tokyo
  • Kamaboiler – Bai Bai Suru
  • Alex Savage does The Beatles’ “It Won’t Be Long”
  • Space Harrier Theme
  • The Blue Hearts – Yume

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