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HP100 Hot Shots Part Deux

Do you get dual pistols as you enter Hong Kong? How does evil happen? What even are numbers? When are screaming eagles appropriate? For our 100th episode we review Hot Shots Part Deux. Listen Here

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HP99 Run Silent, Run Deep (1958)

What do you do with a drunken Gable? What qualifies as a submarine movie? Were you born on the 7th? We review Run Silent, Run Deep.   The next movie is The Last of the Mohicans (1993). Listen Here

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Moonstruck (1987)

Do you believe in curses? What about traditions? Can love bloom in the bakery? Do you need to call your mother? For a belated April Fool’s we sincerely get messy with a review of Moonstruck.Listen Here

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HP097 The Young Lions (1958)

In just 3 hours you can watch 2 different war movies with the greatest actors of the time. What is the Brando theory of sitting? When is approptiate to forget your own character? How many vinowned.mp3 can we fit into one episode? We review The Young Lions. The Next Movie is Run Silent Run Deep a submarine movie, finally. Listen Here

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HP094 From Here To Eternity (1953)

When is a hostess club just a hostess club? Have you been skydiving? What are your plans on December 7th, 1941? Just asking. Our gaydar shatters from off the chart readings as we review From Here To Eternity. The Next Movie is Master And Commander: On The Far Side of The World. Listen Here

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HP093 Three Kings (1999)

When is a movie to pollyannaish? What do you do with a Gommer Pile? Whats the tensile strength of your podcast? As we review Three Kings. The next movie is From Here To Eternity. Listen Here

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HP092 Man of Conquest (1939)

Our first time just reciting the plot.  Stay for all the real Texas History!  What happens when you just invent a guy?  How do you prove you are military genius?  Do you know who the greatest American is?

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HP091.1 How Much For Croc

Between episodes enjoy this conversation about platformers and stuff Square Enix owned.  6 minutes is the exact right length to talk about video games. Listen Here

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