Chris’s 2012 Albums List: Yeah I Listen To Music Sometimes

Why Yes, I Will Totally Actually Pay For These Free Albums


Trilogy by The Weeknd

I kinda wish we could go back to early 2011 (whoo nostalgia for a year ago?), when the first Weeknd album released for free on the internet, and nobody knew who or what it was, just some strange R&B from the future, laden with creepy come-ons and lush synths.  It sounded like what the darker lands of Blade Runner might listen to in their late-night hookups.  Some said plastic and detached, and there is that, but there is something else here too.  As the other two albums that were rereleased as Trilogy were released, more became known about the Weeknd, but the music still stayed as creepy, remote, and mysterious as ever.

Best Guided By Voices Album of 2012


class clown

bears for lunch

Let’s Go Eat The Factory by Guided by Voices

Class Clown Spots A UFO by Guided by Voices

The Bears For Lunch by Guided by Voices

Few bands would ever get their own category in such a year end list, but then again, few bands are led by the songwriting machine that is Robert Pollard.  Oddly, that’s more bands than you might think.  But in 2012, Pollard not only managed to jump start (see what I did there, GBV nerds?)  his flagship band with much of the so-called “classic” lineup, but the Pollard-Sprout superteam pushed out 3 separate albums in one year.  Which one is the best? Who cares? Just give into Bob and enjoy the return, if you can keep up.

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