Chris’s 2012 Albums List: Yeah I Listen To Music Sometimes

Best Confused New Adult Trying To Figure Things Out In Cleveland Album

attack on memory

Attack on Memory by Cloud Nothings

This year, due mostly to my wife getting an assistantship there, I moved onto the campus of Case Western Reserve University, the alma mater of both my wife and (before he rightly dropped out to focus on this) Dylan Baldi, the main force behind Cloud Nothings.  I get why he left this college, and this album gives lots of reason why.  The album hits a lot of the same notes as Celebration Rock thematically, but from a different perspective, one that is alternately sad, angry, restless, and not satisfied at all with where things are. It also was nice to hear Steve Albini doing his thing here.

Best Grindcore Album With Wonderfully Elaborate Packaging

book burner

Book Burner by Pig Destroyer

Pig Destroyer returns a bit more to form with this album, after the comparatively open Phantom Limb, and that makes for a solid listen if you are down for the grindcore, no doubt.  But man, let me tell you about the packaging on this thing, which is just beautiful.  Two full booklets, one being a sci fi story by the lead singer, the other being lyrics, a second disc of covers, all wrapped up in some nice art and such.  It’s a really elaborate package, almost like something Southern Lord would do.  The packaging nerd in me was very happy with this.

Oh yeah, the album is really good too.

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